I hate this fucking bullshit. Today, not one but TWO of my pants just fucking ripped apart at the goddamn crotch. Both were virtually new, the latter pair was literally BRAND FUCKING NEW.


I know I’m fat but jesus fucking donkey-christ, is it so fucking difficult to make pants that last, LET’S SEE, ONE GODDAMN DAY at least?

This is so fucked. Tomorrow the store what sold me them pants is going to get a fucking earful.

Computer setups on Youtube

Lately, the tube has been suggesting a shitload of various gaming setup/PC setup-videos for me to peruse. I’m more than a little fuzzy why Youtube thinks I might like this crap, but I digress. I’ve thumbed the vast majority down since they’re almost always moronic to the point of physical pain but so far Youtube hasn’t gotten the hint.

They’re all the same. Various spoiled/curled twerps showing off their gear in some kind of vain attempt to extend the length of their e-penis. It doesn’t really matter if the twerps in question are teenagers living at home or being (alleged) grown-ups with their own disposable income. By disposable income I mean a shitload of credit-card debt, of course.

Each one is as ludicrous as the next. Everyone tries to sound like some gangstarapper on MTV Crips.

“Yo everyone, here’s [bullshit nickname] and IMMA GONNA SHOW YOU MAH SETUP!”

Everyone sounds like they’re on crack, desperately trying to imitate some vapid ideal while showing off how good little consumers they are.

It’s quite pathetic really.

Who cares anyway?

This used to be my serious site. Since then my projects have moved off to other domains and this has become unused.

So, Imma gonna use it to bitch about shit. It won’t be funny, it won’t be interesting. It’ll just be me complaining about what a stupid place the world is, whenever I feel like it. There will be a lot of swearing.

Do not read if you’re easily offended.